How he makes things simple

Last night when I went to bed, I was shown this.

Someone I know, thinks they have a right to rule and rein, over the other family members, because they are the eldest living. INCORRECT finding.

Getting back to last night, my mum was young and naive, as we all were once. She grew up not feeling wanted, ran away and landed at her beloved Grandma’s home.

So, she met a man, who told her all she wanted to hear, they went through a ceremony, but legally, not married, (he was already married, I see the enemy here) so I put the blame on this man, who my mother said, found out over a period of time, he had mental issues and could never settle in one place (runs in the family to certain degrees).

She ended up with two children from that coupling, the eldest was loved by many and was killed, the second child is still living (we were brought up as siblings, but the second, would always introduce me as a half sister & had the rights to run my life) they are another story.

But I was shown last night, my mother married my father (for the purpose of this, I will call him that, not a nice man and truthfully, I only have one true father, Jesus) but they then had 3 children, I am the last one.

Now, I know this may seem rough to type up to you, who will read this, but the first two would be considered a horrible name, because they were out of an unmarried coupling (these days there is no stigma attached to this).

But getting back to it, I was shown two separate families, The head of mine living is my sister who is 8 years older, my fathers first born, and not number 2.

So with that, I felt some sort of release, a freedom if you will, but really no other sibling has a right to try and control you. This is definitely more about them, than you and where did this idea come from anyway.

It like putting yourself as the matriarch, what on earth are people thinking, no body has that authority only Jesus.


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