Do you feel his energy..

I am sitting here, and I feel like this jet is about to take off inside of me, I love it when that happens.

It is Sunday here, so I get up, make a cup of tea, go back and sit in bed, saying good morning to all, thanking him for the day and today, I was praying in tongues, his language, I kept going and going.

Then I felt, to get onto this site and start typing, and I felt him, this is such a blessing to me. His presence is my most valuable asset, and I love that.

I watch sometimes those stupid shows about housewives and I keep shaking my head, its all about, falseness, makeup, jewels, cars and lifestyle, but they fight like bogans, what is up with that, they have so much, but have nothing at all.

Maybe I am the only one, but I have more, sitting here, than they can ever imagine and that blesses me and makes me think, what more do they need, they need to loose it, then they might be able to count the blessings.

But, my energy and joy comes from one place, my peace and wealth, it is not worldly, it cannot be bought, but acquired through persistence, through surrendering, through love.

If I read this, I would give up everything to have a little snippet of the father, not what the world has, but I believe he is about to flip it for those who he chose..

The world is in for a shocker, sit and watch it play out for the master architect, with my blue prints in his hand.


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