Lord what is your plan for me????

Sometimes I really do want to know, what is your plan for my life.

I was discussing what I have been up too with my landlord’s, they are lovely. They wanted to just paint the ceiling, but they ended up painting the walls & ceilings in the lounge, dining, kitchen, hall and laundry. I feel like I have a new home and it feels so much bigger.

After chatting to her, I was then wondering to myself and asking the father. What is my clear direction, out of all the many things I can do or make.

What is it? Is it just as simple as reading the word and putting it into action in my life?

I need to know more information and I pray that my father leads me and gives me the answer to my question.

I want to do the right thing for him and be doing the right things that lead that way. Instead of wasting time, I feel as if when I went out into the world and lived. That I wasted time, time that my father could have used me more.

But knowing the rotten things I had to go through, they all can be turned around to use for god’s glory. That I know, as it says, “What the devil meant for bad, I the Lord will use for good”.

I think after typing this I just need change, its been raining all week. That must be it, if I get out and go for a drive. Pray and spend time with my dad, the sun keeps trying to break through.

Be blessed.


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