Today was so great, I was about to jump out of my skin…

Today’s message was truly awesome. In my spirit I am whooping up a storm.

Wow, here I was thinking I was not hearing from God, that maybe I am missing something.

Yes, it was a lie, of course I am hearing from my father. I take authority in the name of Jesus, my dad.

The word I got this morning was RESTORATION, in big bold letters. What has been stolen, WILL BE RESTORED in my life. Amen

Change is coming in a BIG way, nothing is going to stand in my way anymore. I just stood up and used (believe it or not) a broom and a pot lid to represent the Lord putting a shield and sword in my hand.

I declared in my father’s name that no roadblock, no depression, nothing will stand in my way. I struck the ground with it and shouted out loudly.

The rain has come, the flood gates have washed all barriers away, the path is ready and clear.

All I can say is YAHOOO. Amen and Amen


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