Stand for, his rights…

This is something that the Lord is working over time on me.

To stand in the midst of the battle, to trust what you cannot yet see.

To trust the process and my father.

To stand in a crowd and say, my fathers way is my only way.

Just follow and believe his word, to activate your life through it. Nothing can stop you then, this is the key that unlocks that door. The door in the spirit that was prophesied to me, that he would show me how to turn the key to open the door.

I just felt this in my spirit as I was typing, oh father, with tears in my eyes THANK YOU. Oh gracious love that surrounds me be with me always.

Thank you father for finally showing me, how.

The tears are really flowing now, what a blessing. I knew this blog was a way of unlocking doors, I didn’t know how, but I trusted my father, and here I sit.

Oh father let the doors swing wide and release the anointing on me.

God bless all today, last nights blood moon and eclipse are definitely a sign. Did you feel it???


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