Jezebel, is that spirit over your life???

I have been fighting another battle that I was determined to win.

Do you want to rule over the men in your life or the situation?

Do you feel out of control but in control at the same time?

Is everyone around your always wrong and your always right?

Sound familiar to you and is everything slowing going too (sorry for this) crap..

Yes, I am going to hit something right between the eyes here. I know and have seen it over my own life, over people who I once knew and family members.

Well, feed her to the dogs. What did you say, again feed her to the dogs.

Admit where you have gone wrong and your faults because with that you can only move forward.

You can either constantly act like you’re the only one who is right, has morals or is perfect. Or you can admit all is only an illusion.

Be honest with yourself and others, for when you stand on truth it will set you free.

AGAIN, FEED HER TO THE DOGS for she will cause you only grief. Personally, it’s about time.


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