Stuggles are there to overcome

In my mind and reading his word a struggle has been over me.

I read the word saying about a woman of divorce, it was festering and telling me I was no good for anything.

That I was used goods and would never be able to have a marriage as, god intended.

What a blunt bold face lie, but the devil came in, sneaking and quietly, which I almost missed. But by God I am now aware of what has been going on and ENOUGH.

I was married before I gave my heart to the lord. Before I surrendered to his will and not mine.

I have made mistakes, there is a list. But when I gave myself to be baptised to the lord., that was washed away.

I have found this very difficult to get over, because growing up any little mistake you were never allowed to forget. You were tainted in away for life.

Lies all of it, before I was married by a celebrant. It was a loveless marriage of convenience for me, to get the hell out of home. (Long story)

Anyway, I thought and reading the word that it was too late for me. That I was not worthy or too much has past and that is could never be made right!!

Lie again, because my marriage was not blessed before the Lord it was as if it didn’t happen. Like a mirage in the desert, you know it’s there but isn’t really.

So, a sweet lady today gave me the key, the one I have been struggling to find.

I am now a new creation in christ who is my father and friend.

I am available to marry, the man my father has chosen.

I AM FREE at last, free I tell you. YEEHAA.. LOL


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