This blog

I have seen just know, how this blog has been a key.

A  key to help me overcome, to voice what has been laying silent for so long.

I am coming into my own and I am scared in a way and somehow, not.

I can’t really explain what I am feeling. But I know that this key, is sitting here, talking to you, through my struggles and happiness. In a way like I do with my father, softly and gently. Overtime together, I transform like a seed breaking forth, to sprout and grow for my fathers purpose.

Why am I so open, because through my experiences maybe I have your key. You never know where it may come from or when, there is a right season for everything.

Sometimes people I know don’t have the time for the keys I need, so I wait on God to release the right keys at the right time.

I know I can trust him, I know that even though winter is coming. It is still a time to prepare for spring, winter is a time for rest, but not a time to be unconscious.

Prepare yee the way of the Lord and get happy…



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