Have you been offended???????

I have been offended, but you know the key.

You needed it, you needed to be stood in front of and hit between the eyes. You needed your wake up call.

But what did you do, did you run and hide like a baby? Or did you stand and say ok, I know I need to grow and move forward.

Again, what did you do?????

I am sure because I have been there, you sulked. How long is up to you, but if you don’t like the fact that God used someone to confront you.

Then you will never grow, or grow up, will you??

Yes, I have probably just offended you. Why then did I do it, ultimately because I love you and I want you to grow.

Just as the Lord requires of me, he can either use me to hit you between the eyes or he can use you for me.

We are all part of one body, NO ONE is more IMPORTANT than the other.

But we require each of us, to build strong…

You can either take these words and turn up to church and say I know where I went wrong, or you can sit and rot. It’s up to you the CHOICE is yours, I admire people who can stand up and say that.

If you sulk and run, the devil wins. You end up lost and not only you, you take your children with you.

Stand up, no one judges you, but they will admire you.


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