Just Me

You must be getting a sense of my personality, while reading these pages.

I hope so, I hope you found a friend, who you know has lived a life and has found her path.

I am happy that you are there and I will pray, that my father is by your side, when you need him.

Be ready for when, he needs you.

And don’t stress, just enjoy the ride.

He loves you and wants to be there to guide you.

Do you take his word as gospel????

Something I know beyond doubt, is when you take his word. Activate it in your life, even if everything else looks the opposite.

His word stands true and it manifests for real. This is when you need to believe, belief is faith in action after all.

So I sit here, by his strips I am healed.

My father is in charge of my life, so everything has to get out-of-the-way. Nothing can hold me back, like an architects blue print.

He had a plan and needed someone to fulfill it. So he knew me before I was even in my mother’s womb, he thought Bronie is the girl. So lets see if she CHOOSES me, my real life began, when I gave him my life.

So, so exciting  yabba dabba doo.

Isn’t living, knowing him wonderful

I was just thinking about things and how living, knowing him is wonderful.

Think about it, think about those souls at the hospitals with their relatives laying in limbo. They don’t know or can’t call on him, they are at the grips of despair. It’s such a shame, because when you know him and trust him with your life, you know and accept what he has is all in the plan.

Yes, when someone is ill, I go into battle and tell the devil to get his hands off. I have power and authority, it says so in black and white.

I am my father’s daughter and hell will shake at the sound of my voice, so take that. YEE HAA

I feel amazing

When I woke this morning I felt so happy, almost giddy.

Why?, havent got a clue. But I know my father has something new for me.

All I have to do is go about my day and whala.

Get happy and find your joy today.

Note: Handy hint best to share, if your pantry is hard to find things. Handy tip for all your baking needs put these in a different colour container.

Mine are all blue decor containers, easy to find to make a cake, slice, pancakes etc etc. Black labels with contents on them, so handy you wouldn’t believe it.

I wish someone would have told me years ago, decor blue available at reject shop. Reject shop I love, excess or stock that isn’t sold, great idea.

Oh and for sauces, oils that kind of thing. They always dribble, put these on a plastic tray that will fit to the requirements of your home, easier than cleaning shelf and a tray holds a lot of liquid if they break.

Have to stop now, my home is full of great ideas. My life is so much easier…. LOL

What are we eating….

I awoke this morning and had the Beyonce song, “All the single ladies put there hands up”.

Because its Saturday and lovely, I decided to make a cup of tea and sit in bed and read some of the bible.

When I was younger my mother use to go on about what we shouldnt eat. Saying that in the bible it clearly stated that we must eat those that clearly have a split hoof and chew their cud only.

I used to think ok, what do I know as long as we are eating its fine with me. It popped into my head this morning, and my bible fell open to it.

I have never liked pork, maybe because I had a pet pig when I was younger. Dont really know but I dislike the fact the meat is pale and weird (watched a show and a cannibal said a human is just like eating pork) YUK YUKOO YUK. That really put me off, I know, what show’s have I been watching.

Bad habit of mine, of flicking through shows, never know what you can stumble upon.

But what I am trying to get at is, what are we eating. It gave a lot of things to eat and not eat, gives food for thought.

Watching a cooking show on british cooks, cooking Zebra, horse, camel etc, again YUK YUKOO YUK.

Feed the mind, feed the spirit. Anyway, see what you think, it all comes down to choice.