I feel amazing

When I woke this morning I felt so happy, almost giddy.

Why?, havent got a clue. But I know my father has something new for me.

All I have to do is go about my day and whala.

Get happy and find your joy today.

Note: Handy hint best to share, if your pantry is hard to find things. Handy tip for all your baking needs put these in a different colour container.

Mine are all blue decor containers, easy to find to make a cake, slice, pancakes etc etc. Black labels with contents on them, so handy you wouldn’t believe it.

I wish someone would have told me years ago, decor blue available at reject shop. Reject shop I love, excess or stock that isn’t sold, great idea.

Oh and for sauces, oils that kind of thing. They always dribble, put these on a plastic tray that will fit to the requirements of your home, easier than cleaning shelf and a tray holds a lot of liquid if they break.

Have to stop now, my home is full of great ideas. My life is so much easier…. LOL


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