What is your story..

I was talking with my landlady yesterday as they have been here painting and replacing things. I feel as though I have a new home.

We were discussing how marvelous it is how I came to be there tenant. I went back through things and told her of my testimony, I said that I didn’t care if she didn’t believe me. What was precious is she said, no I do believe you, you are right.

It takes a person who is open to listen and receive and I believe having me here is very much not only a blessing to me but a blessing to them.

She really honoured me in a way that I was not expecting, I cannot go into detail but I know the Lord is working behind this.

Its marvelous but it keeps honing in on the fact and he shows me daily how he has the plan for my life and how things have fitted in and how he is making the way for things to happen.



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