Wow, he knows

I was feeling down the other day, I am in lock down here in Victoria and lets just say, I am done. So someone sent a word, this is worth so much more than any other thing could have value.

I use to want to run, now I want to just walk, oy my knees. I fell down hard years ago and now its come to say hello and my back OMG.

Well I say, shut the door your not welcome. I will get through this, example nearly a week ago, I washed my car, I use an old mop that is only for the car, makes it so easy, but I rub over it with an old towel when finished and its look brand new, but bending, I am getting angry at the pain.

How to describe, it makes me feel sick when I move and so tired.

But that is enough of that, I have to move forward, I am on my knees before him. Lord please help me, release the grasp off me.

You took it on the cross, please I beg of you, I believe in you and I will not take no for an answer, I am yours. Help me to be healed, oy I know you know, but now would be good.

Love my dad, he will do it, for he really knows and we must experience to understand sometimes. I believe that is why Jesus was here, to know more about us, you can be in a glass house looking out and think you know, but living it really hits home.

So I trust and believe, and it will lift, because I decree that something great is about to happen to me.


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