I give him all the GLORY

Its funny but I really do know him more and more each day.

And with the final result of 100% benign, only with him is this result so. I know beyond any doubt that if I wasn’t all in with God and surrendered and stuck to where I am. Then the outcome would have been very different.

I am learning my new body, what I use to think was normal was so very not. But each day I feel a little more like the person who was trapped inside and I give him Glory for it.

Oh Lord, how do I count the ways that I love you. I pray this message is read by many and it gives them reason to believe, I said that I would not accept anything but keyhole surgery and he did it, I believed his word not doctors and he came through.

I had no doubt that my father would see me through, I asked that he make me ready for my husband and I know its been hard and very painful. But it had to happen, I am getting very excited to finally be able to live the way I was destined to do.


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