He is on my side, through it all…

Its very humbling and evident, I asked for the problem to be fixed and he made a way.

I wanted to come out of the shadows and be able to loose weight, dress the way I always liked, wear makeup and get out of trackies and baggy cloths.

I want so very badly to finally be able to live a life, be married to a wonderful man that the Lord has for me and be without pain and bleeding. I keep remembering the woman with the issue of blood, oh Lord to feel energy again is something I am looking forward too, I feel so drained and worn out.

The other day I had a nap and woke up feeling like the operation day was here, I got really nervous and anxious but then realised what the enemy was trying to do. I am in my fathers hands, he will not fail me.

To finally be able to walk not only down my street but around the block is a mission I am looking forward too. To be able to move again and not be restricted in anyway, all I keep thinking is hallelujah.

I am trying to keep my mind off the week after, deal with it when it comes is my view. Don’t panic unless you have too, but remain calm at all times.

I wish at times likes these I had someone really close to me, but this is also a blessing time, because my father is there and my angel. This is a time to really know where your place is with him and its not as bad as anybody thinks.

He just gave me a word, if he is with me, who can stand against me… thanks Dad


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