Thinking back of the lies I was told

Thinking back to my youth, the enemy used those who were suppose to love me the most tried to try and shut me down.

I was always thinking what I would have to do, to have people like me enough. Why did they always say I would never be worthy to be loved, or good enough for anyone, what an absolute LIE.

Getting ready for my trip to hospital it is apparent to me, I am OK just the way I am. My Landlords came and said, that they would help in anyway and then came back and mowed my lawn and trimmed the edges.

Friends from church are surrounding me, ready to offer assistance and the fabulous Jenny is taking time to do the hard part of taking me and picking me up, then making sure I behave. She is an absolute gem, Lord bless those who are there for me please father and help others to understand more and have empathy.

And my boss, even he is making sure I am OK, he has seen me struggle and I am very humbled by it all. To know that I am worth more than I realised, God bless them all.



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