I am going to beat this and win

There is a battle going on where Christians are being threatened, not only their lives but also their homes.

So instead of being a lazy Christian and thinking just because I go to church or lead a good life that it will be easier for me or I can just bludge. Which is totally the wrong thinking, we need to stand up and push the enemy back.

I need to not be ashamed of MY belief, that his word is true, but put some kind of action to it.

I said ages ago, that the Lord is no pussy and neither am I, yes in life I have been threatened and intimidated, but never shut down. I will stand by the blood of Jesus and I will rebuke satan in the name of the Lord, get behind me and SHUT up.

Today when I woke up I was very aware to declare something so here goes, Next week I am in hospital and on the that date the enemy will be removed, for that date is HIS EVICTION NOTICE. I have the sword and shield in my hand and my fathers word in my mouth.

For the Lord died on that cross for me, sitting here today and I will be healed in his name. Then there will be no stopping me, I have nothing to loose and everything to gain.

We are in the LAST DAYS, stand up and never be ashamed of the father or his word, that is current today.

I am not ashamed when asked what is your nationality, TRUE BLUE, what religion are you, Christian that is my fathers house. My past will no longer hold me back, but has been my training ground, for what the enemy tried to use to stop me, I will flip it for my fathers GOOD….



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