My daughter is falling in love

My daughter has been the most challenging of my children thus far. But she sent me a txt and it said, Hi mum I am out and in love with our Lord and Savior.

Yes my darling child had to be stopped and locked up for a time, what did I do, let her come to the end of herself and said the Lord was the only one who could be there for her in the end.

Now this was extremely hard once upon a time, but not when you trust him, knowing full well that because of the work that my mother did before she died, then put into place my place with the father, and my work and desire for him will carry onto her. We are very strong women who need to run out of the WE factor and get to the point of, I want for him alone, then he can build on us. The ground work needs to be done right, laying that solid foundation, now he can erect what he chooses for my life and hers.

I pray these words are very true, for time is running out and the end time is here, so when we are challenged we have to stand strong for him against those who will be used by the enemy.

I see this road my daughter chose as her training and her mandate is to speak to the young so they don’t repeat her history, she will have the experience that will turn those around, I know it for sure. To find there place in the journey with our father, for he is waiting with love for all….


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