What being diligent gets you…

After my operation, I have been reading my healing scriptures and my declaration, and then a chapter in the Bible each day.

The Lord has been speaking to me loud and clear about something very key to me.

In the world you think of inheritance and your family or parents leaving you something, I missed out, the enemy needs to repay me on this. If he is found, HE MUST restore.

Now in the Lord he does things differently, its like when he says a covering, does not mean you need to cover your head. He is saying he will cover you, when you do what he instructs.

Again with inheritance, what did Jesus inherit from HIS father, the kingdom when he DILIGENTLY did what he was instructed and his destiny was to fulfil for us included.

So my dad showed me this, when I diligently seek him, put my time aside for him. He will give me the inheritance, that I have worked for, diligently. So as I keep doing what he has instructed, he will then give me the desires of my heart, He will add to me.

Its not financial, its so much more than that, get your mind off the money or material things, know this it is a seat with him…

Thank you father for showing me this key, when it comes time for me, I will live eternally with you in heaven.


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