His time and season

You know, how I have commented about my father, that he has the time and season for everything.

I have felt like I have been in a winter period (spiritually that is). I know that Spring is about to come through and that was prophesied the other night.

He is very mindful of me at the moment and I need him more than ever. The time is now, I have one focus and one focus only, that is my father, with that, I hold on tight and never want, to let go.

Everyone is going through something, at the same time, I was grieved since last Tuesday I did not know why until the other night. I can feel the cry of my father and the pain of the lost. All I know is the work I have done to date, must follow into the next generation, they cannot change that destiny.

My father will step in at the right time for them to come into his presence. But I cannot wait for that, I have to keep going and keep my only focus on him. I keep saying to myself and anyone else there days are numbered he knows the right time.

The impact and weight of my father’s heart is very big on me, so that is the reason for these blogs.

He wants only the very best, but people keep doing the absolute worst. He needs us to stand up and raise ourselves to shake off the old and cross over to the other side.

I know that he needs me, this is a battle for my eternal life.

Q:  What must you do if your on a ride that flips upside down and turns sharply?

A: You hang on for dear life, until it pulls up at the end.

Its not rocket science!!!


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