A HEALING night of miracles is coming…. updated

Do you want healing? Or just want to pop in to see us. If you don’t believe then your the one he wants, do yourself a favour.

Doesn’t matter what it is,  someone is coming for one night only to our church.

His name is Derek Ott from a suburb of Chicago, I will get the rest and post it up for you. Even if you are not a person who attends church, just come for the one night.

He is coming 18 August 2013 it will be an evening meeting, they think about 7.30PM but I will keep you updated.

Venue: Sunbury Heights Primary School, Charter Road East Sunbury, directions will be given on the night.

He has this need, last time healing happened in this town by someone else who came, people were getting gold fillings and a lot more.

You just never know, but the invitation is there, I would be happy to see you there.

I look forward to having fun, to whoop it up and see what happens.

Passion over rides me sometimes

The passion I have for my father sometimes over takes me.

But I have to get it out or I feel like a plane on the tarmac for take off and having nowhere to hit go.

Having that love is over powering and I love it, but sometimes I cannot get my explanation out into English. So please bear with me as I go along.

Be blessed always

My heart is sad for those who are lost

It’s so very sad, I sit here with tears in my eyes.

My father has called time and time again to give his chosen people a chance and they have turned away.

He cannot waste anymore time, and I cannot sit here wasting mine. (Meaning I have to spend time with my father and pray)

You have a decision to make, its yours alone.

What are you going to say on judgement day?? Or is hell your destination??

My father’s word is in black and white, he has no grey areas.

You cannot manipulate him for your personal benefit, he sees all and all I can finish on is, God help you.

The Bible, did you watch it?????

I have just finished watching the first episode of THE BIBLE.

Did you watch it? Did you see the strength in our father Abraham, what Moses had to do.

Abraham was tested and passed everyone, yes there is a lot more to this. You cannot understand what is ahead all you can do is surrender and obey.

But I need to ask, did you get it???

When my father speaks, there is no other option than to follow, trust me when I say, there is no other way.

If you thought, oh that was dramatized, no it wasn’t, it did not even come close to realization.

You think your immune, no you’re not. As I have said my father is about to be heard, he will not be denied.

Do you want to save your life? If so, then get in the boat.

My father showed me the days to come, the darkness and violence, what we have seen to date is nothing close to what is coming.

When the churches are being burnt, to try to squash our faith where will you be. They can destroy a building but they can never kill, my faith in my father.

If you abide in him, you will be protected in the shadow of his wings.

The time is close by, don’t let your life be in vain. Follow him and he will save you, trust in that because it’s the only real truth you may ever hear.

If you are in that place of peace what Jesus could do, I will be able to do also in his name.

My heart, how its changed…

I was once very damaged, especially with my thoughts.

Hurting a person especially a male, I wouldn’t even bat an eye, not physically but mentally.

I was able to manipulate and screw with their minds. Now I am in no way happy with what I did, I am so sorry now for any pain I caused. At the time, all I did was completely justified (in my own mind), most of the time, I needed to feel pain, I needed to feel something, because I was so numb, I couldn’t feel anything. I never felt droplets of water when it rained, I never felt the wind touch my skin, it was quiet bizarre now I think about it.

Until my journey with the Lord, I remember the day I felt the water on my skin. It was like a dam being broken. Slowly but surely over the years he has healed my heart, I feel with such a sweetness. I have this over whelming urge, I cannot lie, I cannot do anything to harm anyone.

Every little thing I appreciate and a new season fills me with joy, my heart has changed to such a sweetness and for that I have my father to thank.

It has taken time to reverse the damage, but he has done it softly. He took the rubbish in me and recycled it till I couldn’t recognize it anymore.

He has made me knew, this is not rocket science, but very achievable. Yes I have the odd, what the moment, but they are questions I need an answer too. It is never meant to harm, it’s too question, because I want to live my fathers way, not the worlds.

In my father there is peace, love, joy and I want it all.

Smile its a beautiful day 🙂

A book with keys that are for me

I have been reading Joyce Meyer, Be Anxious for Nothing. I turn the page another shout of Amen or an oops sorry father, yes that was wrong, comes out of me.

You go along thinking you know it all, but you never really do. We live and learn every day, that is one thing that never changes.

I was reading the part last night, which has the heading The Problem of Independence, these keys have struck me and they are so very true.

  1. When one puts the whole management of his life in God’s hands, he will reach a place where anxiety leaves him, regardless of the outward testings that may fall to his lot.
  2. We are more often than not, guilty of the sin of independence, which causes problems.
  3. A desire for independence is a sign of an immature Christian, a small child thinks he can do anything, instead of asking for help. That’s like the Christian life, we don’t want his help, we want to do everything ourselves – we end up making a terrible mess of things.
  4. God wants to manage our life, many times we reject his help and often the result is disastrous.
  6. We need to be always in a place of submission and quit trying to be the boss of JESUS.
  7. If you could work out God thoughts, then he would no longer need to be. You do not need to know how or when, just leave it to him.
  8. Leave him in charge of your life, simply trust.

The I read is on Don’t question or Criticize God, sounds simple doesn’t it.

If you’re wondering why even if you pray things are not going right, then maybe you’re not praying right, but your criticizing. I realized I have done this at times, who the heck do I think I am.

I am so thankful this book was put into my hands, I needed a little adjusting. That is the one big KEY I have found, is be WILLING for change and adjustment. I know I can trust my father, he put me to the test and I passed, I had to trusted him so deeply, there was no other way at the time.

When you say something to him, he will put you to the test. For that I am eternally grateful, you find out what your made of and Jesus sees he can trust you. How awesome is that, to have a relationship with him, my greatest treasure in my life. I am so thankful that it has taken me time to find him, I am mature enough now to know the depth of what he can do (I know my full comprehension may never come, but I trust in him).

I am thankful I can just walk forward knowing, I am his daughter and what I have to do.

What a joy to have such peace, sometimes the journey is the best part, before you get to your destination.

Are you happy and excited????

I was woken up this morning by my neighbour, he was getting ready to leave for work, usually I don’t hear him it was 5.40AM. This morning there was bang, crash and some other noise.

Some people would get grumpy, not me, I thought I hope he has a good day. Next out will be his partner, then I was wondering when she goes to work.

When I hoped back into bed I just lay their thinking about things, I have part of a song that keeps going through my head.

“Now in him, now in him I live, (some other part is) by the blood he sacrificed” the last few days another part of a song has been going over and over “I was born to walk with you lord all the way (repeat).

To be born to walk with him all the way, it hit me. That is what I am meant to do, there is no other option for me. I am meant to walk with my father Jesus as he walked the way for his father God.

I know I will never get to be so pure and good as Jesus was when he began his walk, but I know that I will try my best. Its funny but since then, I have felt a peace and have been happy with excitement on a level that I cannot explain.

It’s a beautiful day, daffodils are out showing us that winter is coming to an end, with that I am so happy.

For there is always a time and season with my father, he never rushes, he has a set time.

Be blessed.

The KEY is giving

Today message was clear and loud.

We all want money, or material things. But what do we give, to then receive.

The message is clear, how to have in lean times.

Give, give, give even when you lack in work, keep the window open and Jesus will fill you up.

Finances and supply comes from him, so when the finances of the world crash, I will have.

You win when you live in Gods economy.

YAHOO, Jesus wins again.

Mmmmm tastes good

One more thing before I go, I am having a food for thought day.

What kills more people and is silent, its sneaks up on you when you least expect it?

It costs you more than anything else and keep hospitals full.


Yes those three little words, sugar ends up giving you heart disease as well as a long list of other problems.

Salt, retains water etc etc etc.

Fat, whether fast food or in the home, hidden in what we buy as a convenience.

Yes we hear smoking kills, tobacco leaves were created for insect killer NOT YOU. And we wonder why they end up getting cancer.

Do you love yourself? Do you love your family? Do you want to change what you have been trained to do?

If so then you are smart enough to know what to do.

As you can see by my blogs I am having a day, where I need to ask the question. Or am I the only one who gets it.

Explaination of last blog

Jesus is the one in control of everything.

We are to live by his word and that alone.

We have peace in prayer and are protected in his shadow.

I am his daughter and with that I have confidence.

Jesus wants you to stop and think, be of good cheer.

He sees all and is about to shake up the planet, so hold on.

We all want to do something when tragedy strikes, but why can’t we be smart enough to fix it first.

Preparation is the key, don’t be a goat (BUTT, BUTT, BUTT) live by faith and not by sight, when things go wrong it will be alright.

When you move, he will.