A book with keys that are for me

I have been reading Joyce Meyer, Be Anxious for Nothing. I turn the page another shout of Amen or an oops sorry father, yes that was wrong, comes out of me.

You go along thinking you know it all, but you never really do. We live and learn every day, that is one thing that never changes.

I was reading the part last night, which has the heading The Problem of Independence, these keys have struck me and they are so very true.

  1. When one puts the whole management of his life in God’s hands, he will reach a place where anxiety leaves him, regardless of the outward testings that may fall to his lot.
  2. We are more often than not, guilty of the sin of independence, which causes problems.
  3. A desire for independence is a sign of an immature Christian, a small child thinks he can do anything, instead of asking for help. That’s like the Christian life, we don’t want his help, we want to do everything ourselves – we end up making a terrible mess of things.
  4. God wants to manage our life, many times we reject his help and often the result is disastrous.
  6. We need to be always in a place of submission and quit trying to be the boss of JESUS.
  7. If you could work out God thoughts, then he would no longer need to be. You do not need to know how or when, just leave it to him.
  8. Leave him in charge of your life, simply trust.

The I read is on Don’t question or Criticize God, sounds simple doesn’t it.

If you’re wondering why even if you pray things are not going right, then maybe you’re not praying right, but your criticizing. I realized I have done this at times, who the heck do I think I am.

I am so thankful this book was put into my hands, I needed a little adjusting. That is the one big KEY I have found, is be WILLING for change and adjustment. I know I can trust my father, he put me to the test and I passed, I had to trusted him so deeply, there was no other way at the time.

When you say something to him, he will put you to the test. For that I am eternally grateful, you find out what your made of and Jesus sees he can trust you. How awesome is that, to have a relationship with him, my greatest treasure in my life. I am so thankful that it has taken me time to find him, I am mature enough now to know the depth of what he can do (I know my full comprehension may never come, but I trust in him).

I am thankful I can just walk forward knowing, I am his daughter and what I have to do.

What a joy to have such peace, sometimes the journey is the best part, before you get to your destination.


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