Are you happy and excited????

I was woken up this morning by my neighbour, he was getting ready to leave for work, usually I don’t hear him it was 5.40AM. This morning there was bang, crash and some other noise.

Some people would get grumpy, not me, I thought I hope he has a good day. Next out will be his partner, then I was wondering when she goes to work.

When I hoped back into bed I just lay their thinking about things, I have part of a song that keeps going through my head.

“Now in him, now in him I live, (some other part is) by the blood he sacrificed” the last few days another part of a song has been going over and over “I was born to walk with you lord all the way (repeat).

To be born to walk with him all the way, it hit me. That is what I am meant to do, there is no other option for me. I am meant to walk with my father Jesus as he walked the way for his father God.

I know I will never get to be so pure and good as Jesus was when he began his walk, but I know that I will try my best. Its funny but since then, I have felt a peace and have been happy with excitement on a level that I cannot explain.

It’s a beautiful day, daffodils are out showing us that winter is coming to an end, with that I am so happy.

For there is always a time and season with my father, he never rushes, he has a set time.

Be blessed.


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