A HEALING night of miracles is coming…. updated

Do you want healing? Or just want to pop in to see us. If you don’t believe then your the one he wants, do yourself a favour.

Doesn’t matter what it is,  someone is coming for one night only to our church.

His name is Derek Ott from a suburb of Chicago, I will get the rest and post it up for you. Even if you are not a person who attends church, just come for the one night.

He is coming 18 August 2013 it will be an evening meeting, they think about 7.30PM but I will keep you updated.

Venue: Sunbury Heights Primary School, Charter Road East Sunbury, directions will be given on the night.

He has this need, last time healing happened in this town by someone else who came, people were getting gold fillings and a lot more.

You just never know, but the invitation is there, I would be happy to see you there.

I look forward to having fun, to whoop it up and see what happens.


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