Oh what a day, God answers at the right time

Yesterday we went into battle, God sent his army in. I called us Gods cavalry.

Someone was in the fight of their life, but the lord answered a prayer to find root cause.

He has the right time and season to end what is causing grief over our lives.

I am telling you, some people from our past have a lot to answer too.

Mainly in my life my grandparents, they were naïve and that set the course for what has happened along the way.

But we have the keys to fix it and fix it we will.

One thing I have learnt when something is so serious, you must come with back up to fight and put and end to it spiritually.

The dog has to die, spiritually I mean. We are no longer captives, the truth has set us free.

Today is the new dawn and I thank my father all the way.


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