The Bible, did you watch it?????

I have just finished watching the first episode of THE BIBLE.

Did you watch it? Did you see the strength in our father Abraham, what Moses had to do.

Abraham was tested and passed everyone, yes there is a lot more to this. You cannot understand what is ahead all you can do is surrender and obey.

But I need to ask, did you get it???

When my father speaks, there is no other option than to follow, trust me when I say, there is no other way.

If you thought, oh that was dramatized, no it wasn’t, it did not even come close to realization.

You think your immune, no you’re not. As I have said my father is about to be heard, he will not be denied.

Do you want to save your life? If so, then get in the boat.

My father showed me the days to come, the darkness and violence, what we have seen to date is nothing close to what is coming.

When the churches are being burnt, to try to squash our faith where will you be. They can destroy a building but they can never kill, my faith in my father.

If you abide in him, you will be protected in the shadow of his wings.

The time is close by, don’t let your life be in vain. Follow him and he will save you, trust in that because it’s the only real truth you may ever hear.

If you are in that place of peace what Jesus could do, I will be able to do also in his name.


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