Lies, why do we think it’s OK

I was just sitting here typing away and thinking, how many times I hear lies or say them. I am not talking about big whoppers, but general, unthinking ones.

Lies to protect someone, to not be harsh or just to divert that we do not wish to tell them, when really, it’s none of there business.

We lie to ourselves, we lie to those we love, we lie and lie and lie.

Yet the father asks us, in his words, and says that “the truth will set you free” he wants us to be truthful, but we lie because emotion checks us.

We concern ourselves with, how they will view us, how they will feel, if our friendship is strong enough, we want to build our children, but at what cost.

What about our father, I think about an assault, if every time we lie, it is like hitting his heart, then would we? There is a time when we have to say, “sorry but no thanks”.

Are we so much a babe, that we cannot take the truth. You can say it, but say it softly, its all about the delivery.

I think about this over and over, I do not wish to be harsh, but I want to honour my father and if saying the truth, hurts. Then its not my problem, I must cut off emotion and override with wisdom, that my love for the father is far greater and worth it all.

If I must say, that at times my son was very dishonourable towards me and even aggressive, then that can be up for discussion, but if I need to say it, I will not hide from it.


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