I’m calling for prayer

Last night I watched a show, showing Johnny Ruffo brain cancer fight. I believe this young man, can touch a lot of unbelievers with his charisma.

I sent him a msg via facebook, but I feel he needs us all.

So, as I do my bit and fight and believe for just a positive outcome, join me.

He has had the brain cancer before, it came back, it is stable, but I want it gone.

So, as I believe, believe with me and agree, he reads my msg, he takes it on and stands on it.

If 2 agree, then the father MUST act, so do not let this post land on deaf ears, let it be heard over and over.

As we join together as one…in the body of Christ.

I feel he’s doing something, already working, lets move this mountain out of Johnny and show what the father can do.


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