Never give up, or give in

Presently I am still helping my cat, Out 4 a Duck, his eye is still infected. So we are trying, him with injection, which is long lasting and me, cleaning with salt water and squeezing the infection out.

But as the Lord reminds me, his love never fails, so never give up, never give in.

And I am one determined woman, its funny how inside me, I feel like someone in a manual car. You may know if your at the traffic lights and you try and race someone, your in first and soon move to second, to zoom past, well, that is what I did once, with my mothers promptings.

But that is what I feel when times get tough, I hit second gear and speed up and knuckle down.

Why would anyone surrender, I do not understand, when I know the good fight, fighting is just what I do…


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