When your remember him

Many times, I feel the enemy trying to get me to think bigger of myself.

But I remember his words, pride comes before the fall.

So, I remember what the father has done for me, all his miracles, all his blessings and I sit humbly thanking him for all he has done.

When you remember, you stay solid, well I do.

Remembering that without him, I have nothing, or no where to run.

Without that great love, I am just a small drop that no one sees, but I know beyond doubt that my father sees me.

I do not hide from him, I do not shy away the bad bits, that he and I know sits there.

But as I have said, “I am a work in progress”, I work on the bits that arise at times and count my joy when something is broken.

It comes back to being humble, I do not seek fame or fortune, I seek my relationship with my dad. Beyond everything, that is my most valuable thing.

I feel sadness for those who I know, live in the world and are trying to control those around them, who seek glory or money, I pray for them even though they may really dislike me, that’s fine, they have to face judgement.

But I really do hope that before their time comes, they become aware of facing there demons and find peace. And remember his words, “present your bodies a living sacrifice, holy, acceptable to God, which is your reasonable service”.

It really is that simple, to surrender yourself, because self is an illusion of self importance.


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