Lets get serious

Yes its time, I was about to leave the page when I felt the serge.

So, when you read the bible it talks about, spirit of fear of God, spirit of wisdom, spirit of understanding etc.

They are all spirits, you can ask them to assist you there are seven. His perfect number, for the spirit of wisdom was with the master craftsman when he made the world. Before he shaped the oceans etc.

So, when you ask, make an action. It says take the helmet of salvation well, motion that your grabbing it and putting it on.

If you don’t then what your asking for is like hot air, it does nothing and you get nothing.

We have read the bible, the way the world wants us too, the enemy does not want us to understand the depths you can achieve and because we get comfortable.

(Don’t be in house arrest, for he dwells inside.)

Then we really don’t move, as I have said before. If your comfortable, then your not in the right place in god, you gotta go through a fire to come out, counting your blessing.

And that is something we forget, to humble ourselves and say thank you for ALL he has done for us.

We get finances and think big headed and fall off the perch, well I am in a place if I had money, it would just be that, plastic paper you can use as required.

People seem to buy what they want, when what they need is flay ling in the wind. And then they seem to get stupid and hang around with those who have no morals or conscience.

Well, I would rather be where I am, know that when it does come, it is no big deal and I stay the same, with a big love for the father.

That is riches to me…



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