How many do you think

Now finding out more everyday, I find it amazing how many aspects there are to God the father.

The spirits are all parts of him, but all with a separate job to do, this is why you can ask for things.

Today its suppose to be 43 degrees, so I went out and spoke to the sun and weather. To ask for it not to get so hot, I have seen birds fall out of the sky and die, because it was so hot.

This morning as I lay there, I saw a sale receipt not like the normal print out, but more on a tag. Like I have done something right and here is the evidence of it.

Funny how he shows me things, and colours of the spirits. I am going to paint them like this, this holiday. I have a stash of bits that I can use. I am inspired.

ExamplesImage result for colourful paintings abstract swirlaeProduct.getSubject()


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