Today I was reminded about when my kids were little especially my son.

I had a rule because violence was what I grew up with, no gun, no swords and no insane noisy toys.

But puzzles etc to make them think was what I went for, if my children followed after me, they would require the mental stimulation.

I remember my son, he was only small and he loved those wooden puzzles he ended up with about 8 of them. He shocked me by turning them all out then, put them together in record time.

When he was small would sit and read a book to his sister he was only 2. Yes he didn’t get all the words but knew the story from me reading it to him.

I wanted to give them a thinking mind, not a following mind. A mind that knew when they were being brainwashed or manipulated.

I made sure they thought about not only the answer but, how the answer came to be, who came up with it and what was their credentials.

Its like reading the bible, once you get to know the master craftsman and all the spirits, Jesus and all the rest. Its so very big and you expand your spirit man, that is what suppose to happen.

I do hope he remembers the fun times, and its OK not to agree with where I am at. But the evidence is clear as crystal.



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