God has a question for YOU

Hey now, if you read the bible and you see a capital, do you emphasise it.

Well maybe you should, because he has a question. When a gift is given you are grateful, excited and humbled. But when you look through the eyes of the world, its tainted, not what you wanted etc.

God’s questioning me, so I put it to you, are you listening or are you just happy to have your TV or computer on, so you don’t put in the effort, to listen.

I am just as guilty of this, its like an example the other day, going for a specific reason, then having a cuppa and a chat, then praying for a little then food.

When did he become the little in our lives, well I said, not to be nasty just as an observation.

How disrespectful, sorry God, when I have a cuppa, when I have a chat, then we expect him to do what we pray about, how dishonourable and to me just rude.

Why would any parent give to a child like that, and yes he has used my own to make a point. The point of, I don’t want to really know you, but I want you to assist me, NOW.

And where it says, depart from me, for I never knew you. I never really got, how he came to that comment, but I got it this week. Boy, did I get it, loud and clear.

You see we get trained to listen, when its convenient to us. We have to prove we are worthy of making time, but really he does not care if your house is clean and your a decent cook.

He just wants to be your first thought and your last, he wants you to listen to his promptings, which happen all day, everyday. But you got to listen with your heart, not your ears, your spirit, not your touch.

You need to make him No: 1, for everything will come to pass. But as I sit here with tears welling in my eyes, I am so grateful for this message, to take stock of the way I do things and make changes.

The gifts he is giving might not seem so, but they are just that gifts….just like Covid.



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