I got confirmation

I think that many times I have tried to convey to anyone who is reading this blog. I do not like calling it that, because it is much much more.

I have been trying to tell anyone who will listen, the key to God is just this. You must face with an innocence, a willingness to face the hurts and not deny or run from them. Or even try to do something rather than face them, and by the glory of God you have too.

When we enter the brokenness and confront them with full honesty, then we will find his wholeness.

He has been calling me louder and louder and I have let certain things come in to muddy the water, like a dirty washing machine, but I feel like I have just put in fresh water.

I chose him, clear and loud. I said to someone, I am done, what I meant by that was, I am calling it, I am saying, go before the father on your knees. I am choosing him all the way, but you have to choose him, I could not say all that.

But what I have to do is now watch, watch and see the choices made. Then I will know and no if’s, I trust him, I trust him till eternity.

I trust him all the way, grab hold and do not give in….


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