Let his hot coal touch your lips

Its interesting how little it takes to make someone pop, loose control and lash out.

But if you allow wisdom to come and I use to think of it this way, count down from 10 to 1. By the time your at one, you feel calm, if you are tuned in, your realise, no response is required.

Because when you respond you show immaturity and he wants maturity.

So by letting his hot coal touch your lips, your granted a gift. A gift is just that, something precious just for you, a gift of understanding, a gift of amazing that does not need to be shared.

Why, because no one can understand that magnitude feeling that is private between you and him. And sometimes, its just between you and him, decorum is key here.

Once I heard that word, I got to know it, for you sometimes need wisdom and decorum is part of that, knowing when to just sit back as a father would and watch.

Decorum, break it down, decor of life (how you need to decorate you actions in life), rum or run, don’t let self run away from wisdom. I see things as I believe he sees and I grab hold as a child. Grabbing onto the reality of his world and the way it is to work, not how nuts everyone else is.


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