How we adjust…

I was sitting up in bed this morning talking with the father, meditating and one word struck me, perceive.

I know I adjust myself to share with different ones, just enough because I seem to be on a wave length, that I cannot explain.

Or a spirit wave length if you will, I remember years ago I heard someone say, tune in like your tuning in a old fashioned radio. And that stuck with me, because I know he’s just there, beside me and not engaging with him would be such a waste of my life.

I felt this morning going into a deeper place, I struggle living in this world. Because I have tapped into his and I want to stay there.

Living a day to day life is nothing to me anymore, living and being with him is awesome. I cannot explain it, or try to write it down in words. He is beyond anything I have known before.

This morning he took me back, back to that first time I heard him. the time when he said to me, “Bronwyn I will always look after you”.

Ever since that day I held him in a secret place, but now I feel like I am living in it.

The book I am reading goes on about the Lords prayer, and sits on words and how meaningful. Like OUR FATHER, he is our father, he is all we are and will ever need. When people ask what is so great about him, with all I have I say, “but he’s my dad”, once I do that they cannot deny my belief.

I got that many many years ago, I got it when I was sitting in that paddock. I got that someone loved me and all my faults, I got a gift beyond any words.

“For I will leave a mark on you”, I demanded this, I demanded a mark that was between him and me. I did not care if anyone else knew, it didn’t seem relevant to them anyway.

But I said as I have shared before, I had one mole on my leg, I told him I wanted a triangle, one him, one Jesus and one the holy spirit. I still have them today, its my sign of that momentous occasion in my life.

It made me feel sad, that some go all there lives and never have anything like this, but I sit here and pray that he does. That he leaves his mark upon your life, that changes it for ever.

The world seems to pick on the ones who believe, but aren’t we suppose to be more blessed and more in him if we are persecuted like he was.

I sit here wiping away the tears, because his love is pouring out on me and I am overwhelmed.

I want to share his awesomeness with you and I cannot express it more than this, he is all you will ever want and all you will ever need. He is the most precious thing I have in this world. No diamonds or gems or money could ever be worth more to me.

He is (as I sob my little heart to him) all of me. My body cannot contain it, so it overflows.



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