Lesson learned

I have been asking and seeking, now I have my answer.
As a parent you love your kids, but can love them without the keys to life, then they grow and you see a side you do not understand or sometimes like.
So WHY came about, I wanted the answer, even if it hurt.
I have found that my child works on PRESUMPTION, that they will get what they want, but assumption is you get what you have not earned.
It’s like saying to a parent move out, give me your house etc, well my view is,
1. I ain’t dead yet
2. with that attitude I may not leave you anything, the key is it’s my house.
3. to respect authority, even if I do not agree, self control
What I am doing now is, trying to build character, I remember fighting (not physically or disrespectfully) to get my mothers trust. Even though I knew, I could be trusted, I had to earn it.
I had to take my frustration and strive, I had to humble myself and be grateful for what I got and when.
Not as I demanded it, I found out these last couple of days, that I have character, and the words of my mother ring true.
You never stop learning and only God knows it all.
Don’t repeat my mistake.

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