Prayer for Sarah

My daughter is fighting, she is about to be released from prison again, but she has an awareness of the spirit. When I dedicated her second child, she was hit in the doorway on her return, she knew the atmosphere changed.

And I know from experience all she has to do is give up and give in. We need to stand up for her to grasp what he has for her, she is the next generation and God can use her in the biggest way for her training of the world can help so many.

It has been a journey of lots of tears and me on my knees, but please pray for her.

I am breaking a cycle for her, to pick up and know just how wonderful her life can be, if she just goes before God.

This is her time, please pray she looks like a younger version of me, but has the familiar of her fathers line. But we must ask for this to be broken, so her DNA can be that of the her real father, Jesus.

I believe it for her future, please believe with me, for the doors to open for her to be shown to start anew.

Thank you



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