I realise I am who I am

It has taken a long time to wonder why I was different to others I grew up with.

Why I cared, not only about others but everything that lives and history before me.

I believe history should be taught because we need to remember the times that things happened to now, how far we have come and not to repeat mistakes made.

If we forget then we will do it again.

And every time man seems to think he is the best, it fails.

Why because God is the best, his son Jesus is the best, the holy spirit is the best. Not rating them just saying.

Finding out that I made an agreement before the world was even created. Has a peace for what comes is part of the plan.

What tries to come to stop me is exciting because I know I am close to something being revealed.

I see things others don’t because I learnt to pay attention, when violence was around me, I knew signs of when it was safe and when it was not safe.

And in that I have turned it into good for my dad. He did not plan for my start to be that way, but I trust his plan for the second phase.

And that is what I believe we have to do is be aware of phases.


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