He’s asking, but are WE listening.

It begs the question, how do you listen?

Do you hear what is really being said, or do you need to clean out your ears.

Many times I am gobsmacked how people miss the message, the keys to unlock what he is saying.

I don’t think they are understanding it at all, its like making a cake. You cannot just throw it all in and expect perfection, you have to take each element and know you have given it your best understanding of how the ingredients work together to get the best out of each one, then you get a really good cake when it’s done.

Its the same with the message, its not about when, its about now and yes I know I posted about now before.

But he has shown it is really important, he has shown we must decide NOW. We have to change what we have done if it hasn’t been working or we just keep missing it.

We have to pay attention and stop being comfortable with the old ways, when we do this blessings follow.

I am taking it serious that on Monday he said I am his ambassador, I have had to investigate what you have to do if you are one. I see it as showing and talking about the father, improving relations between him and the gentiles.

I will not fear the inability of the world to understand, as I said yesterday when asked about Noah and the boat, its written that way because in the world a human can only understand or picture a boat, when the real explanation is different.

But its only that way because we get stuck, stuck on something when its not the important part. It’s that it happened, the world has had some incredible things happen when it comes to the father and generation after generation we start to think of it as just  a story.

I am not doing that, I believe his incredible sacrifice for me and you. I believe in his magnificence.

I just believe, because I have seen what he has done for me. I don’t need to see via some other way, I know him, I sense him and I just love him for loving me.

Keep it simple.


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