How do you pray…?

What I know when I pray, I may start with Father or Lord Jesus.

Sometimes I even say, dad lets have a chat..

Yes that simple, but I respect his advice, I respect that I don’t know how something will work out.

I love it when I hear him laugh, oh what a laugh.

What you need to do, is build a relationship with him.

Just be ready, to listen to him, not just ask all the time for yourself. Be a two way street and he will open you up beyond anything you now know.

Gosh I love him so very much. I love him for what he has done for me, even forgive me for what I have done. He truly loves you, in the purest way and its truly wonderful.

I sit here with tears running down my cheek, because of that love. It doesn’t cost either of us, its just mutual.


Last night I had to speak, so I gave my heart over, the word before. Backed up what I was about to do and say.

I prayed and asked for impact, I stepped forward without fear.

What did I get?

When I was younger, I locked my heart up, to keep myself safe. If they could not get to it.

Then I could go on, I was going to be OK, regardless of what went on.

But I could not unlock it, the rusty lock from such a long time ago. I got stuck, but in my mind, it was a desire.

After I spoke, I came home went to bed, and it was like a dad tucking me in with a big smile on his face.

When I woke this morning, my heart was open..

Never, give up believing in what he can do, his timing is perfect.

What a times such as this.. trust

I am reading a book that activates his gates or doors within you.

We sing this song sometimes and the word came out this is what he is doing, now going through the challenges that I have over the past couple of years. What I have done is find joy in all, I have accepted that what is coming up is FOR ME their is press and crushing.

To trust him in all things, trust that coming out the other side of the storm the sun will shine on me.

In the crushing
In the pressing
You are making
New wine
In the soil, I
Now surrender
You are breaking
New ground
So I yield to You and to Your careful hand
When I trust You I don’t need to understand
Make me Your vessel
Make me an offering
Make me whatever You want me to be
I came here with nothing
But all You have given me
Jesus, bring new wine out of me
The word was, I am pouring out the old wine, shaking you up, to pour in the new. Now
on the weekend I felt twice, wine being poured in. I have seen white feathers with eyes
these are feathers fallen off angles, their is so much more and I am so very excited.

I love the wise..

Why do I say that right now, only because I was thinking the other day, the english they accept ageing.

America, seems to not be able too, or they can not accept death. I am putting a whole heap of things together here.

In Australia, we use to be able to love, respect and honour grandparents. Or elders, the young watch shows and its always, what would they know.

Really, before internet, they worked out medicine, how to make things, build and grow and really appreciate, time.

Wisdom, is our elders, I love families that accept that in time they will have to look after mothers or fathers, making room, respecting each other.

My prayer is the world changes to honouring those before us, history can really make you stop and appreciate what they went through for you. Like Jesus, he died, he took my sin, he was tortured beyond belief.

WHY, for me.. and you

Wisdom is knowing that the stories in the word are real, not trying to destroy them, but accepting what has been done for us. So why on earth are we dithering about…


I do not get it…

Today I started my day saying the scriptures etc, then turned on the box.

Rich list, what is a rich list to you. Fame and fortune, not important, oh they have really nice cars and houses.

Yes but what have they not got, think about it, fame (someone you don’t know following you, someone who’s personality you do not know, lives through what you do) why?

Fortune, what really is fortune, for you can only serve one god and honey, that ain’t money. Money is an illusion used to get you off the path and onto the path of destruction.

I feel richer than anyone could ever imagine, when you have money its, oh what can I waste it on, its all about me me me.

Oh MG, time is directed from where it should be, and really if you have so much then do something with it. Their are homeless people, uneducated people, needs everywhere and your remembered for what, fake hair, lips, butt and who knows what else.

Are you loved, I mean truly loved, not for what you look like, but who you are. And what are you made of, time I think to strip all the false lashes etc, half the time you look freaky and not normal at all.

Normal to me is, not what you have, but who you are. You cannot buy your way into heaven, but you can buy your way to hell and burn for eternity. That will melt the silicon, when I meet someone, I don’t see age or anything else, I see inside, I see the person I think the father sees.

You can’t hide, so why not stand up, stand up and be you. Dad had a plan, so get serious, stop wasting time, because all too soon, time will be up…

Tenacity…I have in spades

Tenacity is built by going through the fire, in life things may come your way that. Hurt deep to your very core, inside you a rising takes place.

What is this rising, the holy spirit in you, knowing that this is not for you. But if you use it, it will make you grow. My past has made me into who I am in part, parts that I can use today, to say, no you don’t or I can help with this.

But it will never define me, how the enemy tried to destroy me. I made a decision long ago, that I would not be like the others, I would stand for MY RIGHT to be the person my father destined me to be.

My strength has been built, I don’t need to be one of the crowd, I need to be the one small voice that is heard. Tenacity to me today is, what ever you try against me, I will have the victory through the word.

I am being transformed and transformation is my victory, victory of my father who has me in his hands, he is my guide, my light and my joy.

I live in this world, but my transformation makes me realise more everyday, that I am not of it.

I am more than and worldly person could see, for the word says, we will heal, in his name, we do all in his name. I believe the word, I believe that he is my dad, I believe he will guide me.

I have no doubt for the world tries to take everyday, where my dad gives. Yes sometimes its beyond your minds capability but guess what, let it go and the father will flow….

When you step forward, stand firm

I know from experience the enemy does not like it when you are getting all that is written on your plan.

So he tries to stop you, with me, it’s not only all good, it is exciting because I know I am on the right track.

As I read the pages and accept the truth over my life, I am blessed.

I am really humbled by being chosen, years ago I did not understand why I stopped and said, I was going to be a priest but here I am. I was shown I would go out and do things that would make the world take notice.

The thing I must never forget, it is not me, but he who dwells within me. I knew that I had enough courage, that when he tells me I would act.

I knew, in time, the world governmental order will not only take notice they will know, who really is in control and that is the father.

So as I was prophesied once, you will right a book, that will be used by leaders of nations.

Think about that, that is really powerful, but it’s not me, it is always my poppa God.

I am changing and, its all good

Its a funny thing in Australia, even if the pressure is on, you normally say, its all good.

Especially when you have no control over what the outcome might be.

I am reading a book that god put into my hands, written by someone who is right on the money, with his path to father god and Jesus and all the realms involved.

At the end of each chapter it has an activation, now you might have realised by now, I believe the word of God, I believe in it all.

So when I say the activation, I believe to be changed, to be transformed, to be made new.

So lets just say, I ain’t done yet, but I am so excited, its like I am maturing, not by my age, but by the spirit.

It is the most awesome feeling, to know and be humble by the fact I am a priest in the order of Melchizedek. To be chosen by him, and to turn from the temptations of the world and turn my eyes on him.

Trust me, you don’t get less, you get so much more, its amazing…

What are you made of…

Many times, I see little things erk people… And I see it as such a waste of energy.

When a battle or storm comes, I get excited, because I so often have come through, with such a joy, it was worth every step.

When I was younger, I kept saying to him,”my life is not meant to be this way” for I knew deep down, there was more for me.

I knew, I was here for greater things, but I praise him for bringing me through, being on my own has been the greatest blessing, yes it hurt, to have those close let me down.

But if I dwell on it, the enemy wins, if I use it against him by using it to Gods advantage, I win every time.

I know, if pain comes, I may call on him and cry, but I know, I am stead fast.

Many times I hear the story about Jesus in the boat and it’s rocking, they panic and say those words.

My thinking is, OK if Jesus is asleep so will I, I trust him with my life, he is not going to drown, so the message is change what you see, change what the enemy wants you to see.

Change, and trust in the knowledge that he is your greatest champion. He is the alpha and omega.

So what is the big deal… get over it and LIVE WITH JOY and knowledge in your data base…

Lean on his understanding, you ain’t smart enough, so let go, trust and smile….

Coming through the fire

As I explained before, what I have recently experience is like coming through the fire.

Not only have I had a miracle happen, but most recently, I was again tested to my very core.

What I kept utter most in my mind, I must not let go of the Lord. I have to accept the verdict of my prayers and trust him with the outcome.

When it comes to those closest to you, its really hard. But after the tears, the reality is, I do trust him with every fibre of my being.

It is very private matter, but I need to let you know, you can come through the fire and out the other side. By just trusting his verdict, and realise that I have no power to fix what has been broken, but he does.

I know he will not let any harm come to those close to me, so I stood on what he gave me and in that, I found peace.

Sometimes the hardest things, that can show you, what can be and lets him know, just how much you love him, how much you can humble yourself, to obey what he says for you and those around you.

All you have to do, is to have courage and accept he knows more than you ever will.

Then you know, you have passed the test. And he knows, he can entrust his steward with more and more….

Sometimes pain is there for YOUR growth, and not to hurt you.