I was watching a DVD someone lent to me. It was Jesse Duplantis and some of the things were extremely clear.

The things he said and the looks, great to laugh. One quote, “if you don’t know what you are, check your equipment, that will tell you”. I learned sometime ago, its not the body they have wrong, part of the brain had not developed.

So its the brain that needs tweaking, but only God can do that.

People pray to God as if he is way over there, when he is inside you. People curse, sin and do things but once they start to pray or go to church they act all good and gracious.

If he lives inside you he hears your curse and sees your sin.

When people are around me, they withhold, but he knew you before you were formed. Jesus took your sin, that includes being raped and all the diseases etc.

So why! What have you got to loose if your surrender, I know SELF, SELFISHNESS, ME, me me…

When you love him, it’s all easy. I am glad I have seen terror, why because what the enemy tries to throw at me. I say, go on, have a go, YOU MUG, for I know who I am, I know the power I hold, and have a father who loves me.

So back off if you know what is good for you, go try someone else, you retard…


Tenacity…I have in spades

Tenacity is built by going through the fire, in life things may come your way that. Hurt deep to your very core, inside you a rising takes place.

What is this rising, the holy spirit in you, knowing that this is not for you. But if you use it, it will make you grow. My past has made me into who I am in part, parts that I can use today, to say, no you don’t or I can help with this.

But it will never define me, how the enemy tried to destroy me. I made a decision long ago, that I would not be like the others, I would stand for MY RIGHT to be the person my father destined me to be.

My strength has been built, I don’t need to be one of the crowd, I need to be the one small voice that is heard. Tenacity to me today is, what ever you try against me, I will have the victory through the word.

I am being transformed and transformation is my victory, victory of my father who has me in his hands, he is my guide, my light and my joy.

I live in this world, but my transformation makes me realise more everyday, that I am not of it.

I am more than and worldly person could see, for the word says, we will heal, in his name, we do all in his name. I believe the word, I believe that he is my dad, I believe he will guide me.

I have no doubt for the world tries to take everyday, where my dad gives. Yes sometimes its beyond your minds capability but guess what, let it go and the father will flow….

What are you made of…

Many times, I see little things erk people… And I see it as such a waste of energy.

When a battle or storm comes, I get excited, because I so often have come through, with such a joy, it was worth every step.

When I was younger, I kept saying to him,”my life is not meant to be this way” for I knew deep down, there was more for me.

I knew, I was here for greater things, but I praise him for bringing me through, being on my own has been the greatest blessing, yes it hurt, to have those close let me down.

But if I dwell on it, the enemy wins, if I use it against him by using it to Gods advantage, I win every time.

I know, if pain comes, I may call on him and cry, but I know, I am stead fast.

Many times I hear the story about Jesus in the boat and it’s rocking, they panic and say those words.

My thinking is, OK if Jesus is asleep so will I, I trust him with my life, he is not going to drown, so the message is change what you see, change what the enemy wants you to see.

Change, and trust in the knowledge that he is your greatest champion. He is the alpha and omega.

So what is the big deal… get over it and LIVE WITH JOY and knowledge in your data base…

Lean on his understanding, you ain’t smart enough, so let go, trust and smile….

Do not divert your eyes…

On Wednesday the message was clear, to me anyway, to not divert, not give up.

Because he is so worth it all, and always remember what Jesus took on himself for us, so if your life hits a patch, it’s only for a short time, grab hold of the handles with both hands for the ride. Your about to learn from it.

Yesterday someone said something to me, that filled me with such joy. The main gist of the message was, “you have had a crap life, but you are so close to receiving it all.

Why because what the enemy used for bad, I flip for good. I will not let him steal, kill or destroy me, I am here because I am a winner, I am a son or daughter of God.

My response was, thank you so much and Amen.

I can tell you from experience this, walking away, diverting the course, giving up. Gives you nothing, remember the word ETERNITY.

I can tell you the truth, when I say I have been to hell and back, and walked around like the walking dead, never feeling or letting anything touch you. This is not living, but being a victim of the enemy.

So, what I do is make fists as if I am grabbing hold of the father, and I growl, I put down what is hurting me, I step out of it and know my father has me, when I may fall. He will pick me up and keep me safe.

But as the blues brothers said, I am on a mission from God, and it ain’t over till,¬†it’s over, so hold on, for the glory and joy that comes from the other side is so amazing, I cannot put it into words.

The journey is worth every step you take, it’s about YOUR maturity and how you take it that is the message to learn.

I WILL NEVER concede defeat..I am my fathers daughter…no longer a slave…

Just be calm, smile and share the love

So many this season are tooting the horn, frustrated, stressed and just plain over it. Why, because the advertising  etc shows, that if we put the effort in we get joy.

Hang on, stop right there, if we just show joy, joy will come back. If its about what you will receive, how big, how much its worth and not the giving, you got it WRONG.

Just enjoy being with those you are around, leave the legacy of grace and kindness.

I am determined to show love and like the other day at the post office, the lady who helped me, said, “I hope I feel as happy by the end of today”.

What did I do, swing my arms wide and said, “Merry Christmas darling”. This cost me nothing, it was a act of kindness that hopefully touched her heart.

Its what I treasure the most, everywhere I have gone. I put my arms up and raise my voice and say, Merry Christmas, safe holidays and laugh.

This has changed where I have gone, where I tread, where I have the ability to share joy, I WILL.

For the Lord granted me freedom from condemnation and I will share the joy I feel. Nothing will ever stop me from doing this and I smile as I type these words, for that is my joy.

Sharing what he has granted to me…be blessed

To embrace, be open and engage

To bring on the change, that had to happen within me, I had too embrace the unknown, be open to let the father do the work and engage to receive.

These are keys that have formed within me and its been, hard to let him in. When for so long I was guarded against any hurt.

But the love from him, I knew this is what I had to do. You cannot get healing, change or restoration until you do. I am the evidence of this, I live because, I thought, he will not let me down.

Man does, he won’t, just trust him to do it, not to you, but FOR you.

We get things so confused and pick the negative first, but I always think, what would he do. What would he want me to do? these are questions that you need to ask.

If you have faith, trust and believe the word, THEN LIVE IT.

The enemy does not win, the blood is the evidence of VICTORY.


Get excited, and take another step

I love the Lord with all I am, why, he broke the hold over me.

We are told we have to surrender our lives to him, which I did, but there is another level.

I had a wall, I would get to a point and this dark over shadowing wall was impenetrable, until Monday.

This came to the surface, I knew I had something that seemed so impossible, but didn’t know how to get rid of it.

I had to willingly, TRUST.

The Lord looked at me with those beautiful eyes and such concern, I looked at him and said, “Just do it” with him beside me, I know I can do anything.

I made noises that I cannot repeat, I felt this thing loosen, tentacle by tentacle. It was dark, hungry and mean.

I was shaken from from toes through my calves, and it was taken out. I trusted those around me, God’s gorgeous red head and I knew I needed to show evidence of his power of LOVE.

Before, I was so scared of meeting my husband and screwing him up and our marriage etc.

Now, I wear a ring, when I put it on, I felt I was honouring my husband to come and showing that, I feel like I love him already. (Remember I had been married before had children to someone else and never loved anyone, I had a barrier of protection).

I am now free, trust the right time will come for you. Trust in the process, trust that you are worth it all.

God bless.

Impulse, where did that get ya…

For the last few weeks the Lord has pressed upon me about impulse.

Now, when I was little, you were not given a lot of yes’s, but taught to hold on and appreciate a yes, when it came.

Now, impulse it seems is rife, kids get most of what they want and even adults, flash the credit card and get what they want.

When did living within your means stop, when did, you worked hard for the harvest and then put away for the winter. This comes to money also, you should be able to put some away, so when bills come in you have money to pay them.

We somewhere flipped a switch and go on about our day, like in a haze.

What happened, I believe the enemy came in slowly, think about it. Ads tell us if we don’t have a big house or everything new, or dress our kids in fashion, we somehow are not worth anything.

What the… sorry but let kids be kids, best cloths are for best. Don’t spare the rod to spoil the child. It says it in his word, I don’t want a big house, more to heat and cool, more on the rates, more water and would that really make me happy, hell NO.

So bring back the basics, I love the KISS principle, never hurt me and now I am so very thankful for all the training I have had to endure, because it made a real woman out of me.

I have no desire to spend a fortune on nails or cloths or trying to be someone else, I was born exceptional and I do not have to fit anyone.

Only be his bride and all will fall into place, the way its suppose too.

My daughter as an example, impulse got her inside and locked up. Not so good is it, but the enemy is defeated. No longer will he have any place in my DNA, because my father won the victory for me and her.

While she is in there she has time, to learn to trust the true father, and I say AMEN.

When the going gets tough

I am so very thankful, the enemy has tried to finish me off many times and failed.

What did it do inside deep deep down, it trained me. So when it gets tough, I hunker down and hang on.

I will not step back, I will take each movement closer to him, even if I have to crawl.

Why, because when you know him like I do and know what his word can do.

You get tough, and when the going gets tough, this tough cookie gets going..

It might seem cliche, but its up to you. You can either continue to be a victim of the enemy or flip it and become a survivor.

Who can then use what has been, for those to come across your path. To show by evidential proof that he is real, that by doing what the word says, they can also be survivors, using what has been for good.

To make those in the world know that when they think we may be foolish, we have become wise beyond reasoning.

Be blessed, suns out I am off yahoo.

Me too…

What happens when those who have done, ugly things to you may have passed away and your still holding this hurt.

FORGIVENESS is the key, when you hold on, you only hurt yourself and those close to you.

Someone who thinking about it now makes me feel physically sick may be dead, hopefully. See what I am doing, I need to get this off me. I need to heal, so many mistakes have been made by me, because of what has not only happened to me, but also my mother.

This familiar thing keeps tracking generation after generation and you must face it and get it out.

Clean up, clear out and be beautiful for who you are, not the body your in…