How can you be alone?

Sometimes I feel the world judging me, but I really do not care.

Because, there is only one to answer too.

The world sees me alone and unloved. What a lie, he loves me just as I am, I am so surrounded by angels etc, that I am never alone.

Its about your perceptive, don’t limit him and don’t let the lies of the enemy tell you your not.

We have a right, to be seen, to be heard, but only when HE chooses. Not living by what the world dictates.

The rain has gone for now, the sun is shining and I feel his presence. I am the daughter of the living God, I am who I am intended to be and I will silence the enemy.

I use to be a yes person, you get groomed to just say yes, even when you scream NO. So now, you say anything that he does not agree with and you dish my father, then its on.

Its on, in the right way, not the worlds way. Time and time again he deals with those who are trying to hurt me and I fear for them.

He is my father and a jealous God, he will deal with anyone who tries to take me down. He has given warnings, I have had to say to those I worked with, if you have a beef with me, come and lets talk, but DO NOT go behind my back. Because he will deal with you and I don’t want to see you get hurt.

Yes I have scared people, but the truth is just that. They know after a while, he will make a way.



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