Xmas day

Yesterday, blessed me in so many ways.

You see the night before, I stayed up past midnight to wish Jesus a happy birthday. I always feel the need to extend this to him, because of what he has done for me.

And, invited to Xmas lunch, it was perfect, by just being what I would consider as normal. I was able to eat, which I prayed for, nothing worse than smelling something fabulous and not being able to taste any.

I admit, I do miss the hugs my son, use to give me. Because of his size, he is very tall, his hugs use to surround me and I felt loved. But yesterday as I was leaving, someone ran over to me and said, “Cya Bronie” and gave me that hug.

That means more to me, and the father knew it. I knew straight away, where it came from and for that I was blessed.


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