How blessing’s, touch my heart

It amazes me, watching people shop at this time of year. They go about, exhausting themselves, trying to make that one day perfect.

They try and give a gift, that touches the persons heart and then I think, or secretly hope of a little appreciation given back.

But, when the father, gives you a blessing, it touches your heart, not only when it happens, but every time you remember it happening.

A blessing is just that, whether its for you, or to you and when you think about it, its true.

A blessing can be a gift, but also a lesson, its your maturity and how you take it.

But never stop being humble, many fall down because of expectation, or I deserve it etc.

I keep going over about the 2 streams, what has frustrated me from very young, is why do adults think they are smarter than the father. Even living in the world, but quietly knowing the power and the truth, I knew that I would never be smarter than HE.

Why, is it because of money, is it because you get told all the time your super smart and you’ve become so self absorbed you now believe it and no one can correct you.

Remember you are a child of God, not his CEO, not HIS parent, but HIS CHILD. You and I learn every day, there is no vanity in how successful you may be or not.

He is your father, brother, husband all in, as you require to what ever is taking place in your life.

Its your character with him & in him, your honour and respect, your diligence.

So, count your blessings and always remember the many blessings, already bestowed on you…


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