Do you show respect?

Something that has always been instilled in my DNA is this.

Show respect, for someones character, for their position, especially when it is well deserved and listen, when you can bless them for it. It is not about what they have, how fancy they live, because that means nothing.

You see, a real leader, can get stuck in and knows there is no, I, in team. And when your in the fathers team, you have to realise this and show it.

You must respect the character of the person, placed in the position, that the father has chosen.

Now, I know many can look like wanna bees, but that is up to your intuition, to be shown where the father wants you placed.

But, I know how important it is, that you show, your own character every day, in trust, respect, honour, truth and all the good things, that you show in all that you do.

And, I always remember this, its about time, tithe and task. His DNA, works like a stream, it flows both ways, not only one way, like a river in the world.

And remember your Angels character, they are given positions because of this, not because of what they do, they are part of your immediate family, the family the father has given to you, sometimes, like my worldly one, it is dysfunctional, because of the situations that has come with time.

But those angels deserve your respect, they deserve you to put in the effort, to get closer to the father, to bring joy to the work, not only for what they have done, as you may have requested, but the work the father has instructed, two streams, not all about YOU.

I keep my listening stream open, I know the wave length, I keep tuned into. Something happened once, before, I went to church, before I locked into the father and gave myself over to his will.

You see, I may not have shared this with you before, but I use to live in a small country town, they use to have in the short main street. Two lanes on each side, but they went down to one, each side. I ran into a lady (Gwenie), I use to board with, I told her I was about to go over to the bank etc, ended the conversation, turned and this strong voice said to me, “Get out of here, NOW”. I took a quick look in the direction, knew how important it was to act, and instead of going over the road, I went left, into a lane, to the car-park. As I quickly walked, I heard a loud bang, she heard it too, knowing what I had told her.

A lady got hit by a car, now from that day, I knew it was my angel, my assigned angel and that I was warned, that it was no joke and I was to get serious, but I was smart enough to know, not to shut that door, the door of that frequency, that was opened to warn me.

Gwenie went back to see if it was me, as she told me, next time I saw her. I said to her, “you know me, so what I am about to say, may sound far fetched, but it happened”. When I told her, because of my conviction of the facts, and knowing my character, she believed every word I said.

So, know what respect means, get a little and show a little, it really isn’t hard to do.


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