Give yourself a little love, and own it

As I just posted on facebook, & key words popped out and this is from the deepest part of me.

It is not what you have, its how you present it (I was sharing my cooking hacks). And this may help others who need a little, self love.

I think its the same for me, yes I have the trackies and can speak like someone who fell off the back of a truck in the outback.

But I choose too, most of the time, take a little care, show love, not for others, but to me.

I can choose to be a dag or a bogan, or choose to show myself a little love & choose for me.

This has taken me time, I use to shy away from pink and bling or any kind of, anything nice, because I thought I was not worth it, I would say, I hated it and made a big No, towards anything nice.

Now, from the fathers guidance and his love guiding me little by little, I have embraced pink and the odd flower, I have embraced the acceptance of loving me.

I have never been one that has wanted, diamonds, mansions or fancy cars, not because I think I do not deserve them, but because I think of how much can be done, with all that wasted cash and remember, its not yours, but the fathers provision and what he says, goes.

So, at times I do wear daggy things, just to remind myself, when I look in the mirror, that what ever I wear.

It is OK, to love me…


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