How simple is flavour

Every Xmas, I make my mothers roast veggies, when I am invited to a certain place, I wait and the request comes and it makes me laugh.

Because, mums way is old fashioned and only happens once a year, but the flavour surrounds you with a warm hug.

I think of restaurants and how they try, with decor or plating etc, but simple old fashioned flavour you cannot beat.

I know when I was younger, I thought that the old ways, were worn out and needed tweaking. But, realising now, it is all brain washing, I know how flavour works, respect is key.

And with the Lord, his ways, are not out dated, they are really relevant to today. Back when he walked the earth, the atmosphere, his presence, the flavour of our course, was set in place.

And then we came along, thinking it was just another old story and was not relevant to us.

But, the truth is, IT IS all relevant, the virus now, the one where it says that, 10,000 will fall each side of us, but believing it will not come near us. That is relevant, his warnings, all of it, it is all relevant and when we realise this and stop, using our eyes to see, then things will show, that they have been set, our little bit, our mandate has the flavour.

Oh, I love you Lord, so much, thank you…


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