We are not all the same…

I was asked by a friend yesterday, to pick her up and take her to the shops.

She wanted to buy me something and I said to her, they make the same thing, but we are not all created equal.

For example, undies, some people have pointy or round, or wider backsides. We are all different and especially us girls after, having children.

And depending on your requirements, riding horses, runners, bed time etc etc etc.

Its because we are all different, so makers need to take heed.

But, this makes us unique, this is what Hitler didn’t get, trying to control, which is an illusion to the power hungry.

If we were all the same, how boring, but that would not have made him any better or more powerful, it just made him the biggest fool.

I like how I am different to other siblings, I like how and this came to my thought this morning. My mum said, “I only had two children, Larry and you”. At the time I could not understand how she could say that, but as you get older, your understanding widens. And, I know if she was hurt deeply, that was it, Fort Knox was erected and she was done for eternity.

I like the fact, I am comfortable with myself, yes I could loose weight, but until this lap band is out, I am not pushing my luck. But that time is coming, and luckily he keeps showing me, how much I will soar afterwards.

I love, that I have somethings that others can never touch, and in my fathers eyes, that makes me feel special. I never want to let him down, for it is a humble gratefulness that I hold dear.

So, if your different, that does not mean you have a mental problem, weight problem, feature problem.

Your just you, and if the father loves you, and other than requiring help from doctors, depending on whatever it is.

Your beautiful, by just being YOU…


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